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The Tennessee Driver Improvement Program, Inc. (TDIP), a non-profit organization, in cooperation with municipal and county judicial systems, offers a four and eight-hour court referral DIP.  Our DIP is designed to help participants understand the risks of driving, their own limitations, and to teach them good habits that will be reflected in future behavior behind the wheel.  The four hour program is designed for persons who have received their first traffic violation.  The eight-hour course is designed for more serious violators.

The program incorporates the American Automobile Association (AAA) DIP.  The AAA certifies our instructors to present this course.  This training has proven effective in reducing traffic fatalities and collisions.  It has been approved by the Tennessee Department of Safety as well as three branches of the U.S. Military to heighten driver awareness and promote save driving. Knowledge is the first step to becoming a better driver.  The AAA studies show that understanding the risks of driving and one's own limitations can prevent accidents.  The best way to be sure that every motorist understands the risks of driving, and his or her limitations is to offer formal training in the techniques and mechanics of driving.

Tennessee Department of Safety Approved
TDIP instructors are
certified through the AAA.

"Promoting Traffic Safety Through Education"


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